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1. Browse our templates below and order the items you want.

2. If it's a CD, we ship it free of charge.  For everything else, our system automatically sends you an email with the link to download the Word file.  If you don't see the email, search your junk/spam folder for THE.EDITOR@BUILDANEWSPAPER.COM

3. Once you open the template in Word, choose SAVE AS on your computer. Then replace our generic photos and text with your own! 


All templates work on Windows and Mac operating systems.


* The 100 series is 8.5 x 11, standard size. Shortest news stories for beginning writers.

* The 200 series is a FOLDING newspaper using 11 x 17 size paper. When folded, it will be 8.5 x 11.

* The 300 series is 11 x 17 with more words per story for growing writers.

* The 400 series is 11 x 17 with the longest stories, smallest font, and ideal for advanced writers.

* "Family News" Paper series is 8.5 x 11. Short stories and boxes like "Quick Bites" for those quick blurbs      found in family and business letters.

* Bundles contain all four pages from a series, plus an extra front page with a different layout.

* CD contains every series template, almost 20 pages in all. If you want the CD but need the templates now, we send them electronically the same day, free of charge!  And you still get the CD.



The title font we use on our front pages is called English Towne Medium.  This font is included on the Editor's Choice CD.

Click thumbnails to view photos and descriptions of each template.  

Complete Package on CD (Editor's Choice)

Complete Package on CD (Editor's Choice)

Can't decide which template? Order our Editor's Choice CD with our complete line of newspaper templates.   Includes our front page title font and FAQs for support. Free shipping, no tax.

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